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Teacher Parade

Oakdale Parade Route

Parade will leave Oakdale at about 10 am.

 We are going to try and stick to these as closely as possible. Please be patient about time as we aren’t sure how long it will take 30-35 cars to drive the route. 
*Start at Oakdale, leave the WEST parking lot and cross Creek onto Siesta Drive. 
*Follow Siesta Drive until Keswick Drive.
*From Keswick Drive turn right onto Creek Road.
*Stay on Creek Road until the LDS church near Riverwood Drive. We can’t go onto Riverwood because we’ll get bottlenecked trying to turn around. Instead enter the east parking lot at the LDS church (there’s a grassy patch and LOTS of parking. Families can be in lot to view the parade) drive through the parking lot and exit the west entrance back onto Creek Road.
*Stay on Creek Road as it turns into South Union Avenue. At South Union Avenue and 1000 east, turn left (South). 1000 East has LOTS of areas for parade viewing, there is a park, LDS seminary building, Jordan Valley School, etc. lots of places for those in the apartments to view the parade. We will not be going into the apartment complexes because of getting bottlenecked with our caravan of cars.
*Stay on 1000 East until Casa Negra Avenue, turn right. *Take Casa Negra Avenue until Casa Verde Avenue.
*Stay on Casa Verde Avenue until Casa Roja Avenue. *At Casa Roja Avenue turn right.
*Stay until Lyndy Drive. Circle around on Lyndy Drive until Chad Street.
* Stay on Chad Street as it dead ends into an LDS church parking lot. We will drivethrough the LDS church parking lot and exit back onto Casa Roja Avenue.
*Travel on Casa Roja Avenue until 1000 east. Quickly turn East onto 7700 south.
*Take 7700 south until 1130 East, turn right.
*At 1130 East and 7800 South, turn left.
*Travel on 7800 south until it turns into Forbush Lane.
*At Forbush Lane connect to Creek Road. Stay on Creek Road until Telford Way, turn right onto Telford Way.
*At Telford Way turn right onto Visconti Drive. Follow Visconti as it loops around and connects to 8180 South.
*At 8180 South and Visconti Drive, turn right. Stay on Visconti Drive, until Rio Way.
*Turn Left onto Rio Way. Make a quick right onto Terrace Drive. *Stay on Terrace Drive until it connects back with Visconti Drive. Turn right onto Visconti Drive.
*Take Viscounti Drive as it loops back around to Telford Way. Turn right onto Telford Way. *Stay on Telford Way until Creek Road, take Creek Road back to Oakdale.

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