Bus Delays

BUS Delays
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We work hard to keep our buses on time. Under normal circumstances, your student can expect the bus to arrive within 1 to 2 minutes of its scheduled time. But with 167 daily bus routes to manage — and the inevitability of our drivers encountering inclement weather or construction-related detours and slowdowns — delays can happen. Canyons District has established communication channels to immediately notify families of bus delays. If a bus is running more than 15 minutes late, our Transportation Department will email or call you with information about the cause of the delay and expected time of arrival. New this year: Parents can opt to receive these and other District alerts via text message. Instructions for adding text messaging to your communications settings can be found at canyonsdistrict.org.

Snow Day Procedures

What you need to know

Bundle up! With the arrival of the season’s first major snow, and more in the forecast for the Salt Lake Valley, there will be days in the coming weeks when traveling to and from school is challenging for families. Please give yourself extra time to walk and drive to school or arrive at the bus stop safely. On wet, wintry days, our schools are lenient with tardies because we want everyone arriving to school safe, sound, and ready to learn. Keep in mind that, while some of us would prefer to be hitting the slopes or staying tucked in bed with a good book, “snow days,” or school cancellations are rare in Utah. More often, the District will choose to delay the start of school in order to provide our partner cities with more time to clear sidewalks and streets. What factors do administrators weigh when deciding whether to delay or cancel school — and how are parents notified? Read more at canyonsdistrict.org.


Halloween Parade

Oakdale is excited to have a Halloween Parade!
Please Join us

Due to the cold weather, the parade will be inside in the gym/cafeteria. Please read the following to help make our parade a smooth success. Here is a look at the schedule.

8:40 First bell rings and kids will go to class without parents. Teachers need to take attendance, lunch count, and finish routines before the parade starts.

8:45-9:15-  Parents check in at the front office, get a sticker/badge then go to the gym. Please do not go into your child’s classroom during this time or during the parade. We need the space for classes to parade around.

9:15 am -Parade Starts – The parade will start in K-2 grades and work around to the older grades.  Please do not join the parade with your child.Please be patient as it takes little ones some extra time to walk or “parade” through the building. Also, you can clap or cheer but little ones are easily frightened if the noise level is too loud.


All students should wear their costumes to school.  Grade levels will let you know whether students need a change of clothing or can wear their costume all day.  Most grades will change out of their costumes.

The afternoon Kindergarten parade will begin at 1:00 pm and will wind through the main corridor of the building.

Please remember the following so everyone has a great experience…

  • We encourage students to be creative with their costumes, but please avoid blood and gore.
  • Check in at the office – all visitors have to be accounted for.
  • For student safety, please arrive before the parade begins. You can park in empty spots in the front lot or on the dirt lot on the North East Side of the school. Please do not park in the teacher spaces on the west side of the building or block the bus parking spots. You might also want to park in one of the nearby neighborhoods or at a church and walk over.
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