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Oakdale Procedures

“Keeping The Oakdale Promise”

AT OAKDALE ELEMENTARY, CLASSROOM TIME IS RESPECTED.  We as a staff have set many academic goals for the new school year. The following procedures will help ensure that disruptions to the learning process are kept to a minimum. Please be understanding and supportive of our attempts to provide your child with the very best learning experience possible. We want our students to be successful! We also want you to feel a part of the process and we welcome you here.  In order to facilitate learning we are asking for your help in the following areas:

  1. Attendance and tardies will be enforced. The law states that all students must attend class regularly. Students who miss school regularly or are tardy on a regular basis for unexcused reasons are in violation of state law, district policy, and more importantly they miss valuable instructional time. Teachers have been instructed to contact you if attendance becomes a problem. 

  2. If your student must leave during the school day for an appointment, they must return to school with a doctor note in order for the absence to be excused. 

  3. Please do not plan to check your students out of the office after 3:00. This is very disruptive to the end-of-the-day classroom and office procedures. 

  4. Students should not call home during the school day unless it is an emergency. If a student must call home it is imperative that they leave a message for their parents if no one picks up the phone.  If you see a call from the school, please check your messages for information. The office cannot be the go-between for phone calls made in the classroom.

  5. Teachers are unable to take calls during teaching times. Any calls made to teachers during instruction time will be sent to voicemail.  

  6. Please do not plan to enter the classrooms during the school day without an appointment. Our office staff will deliver any items that need to go to the classroom. The purpose of this is not to keep you out, but to minimize disruption to the flow of instruction. 

  7. Safety for our students and staff is important. Please sign in if you are to be at the school. New district policy requires all volunteers to have a background check. Even if you are regularly on campus as a volunteer, we ask that you sign in and wear a badge. We need to account for all visitors in our building at all times. Thank you for helping us with this procedure.

  8. PLEASE refrain from using your cell phones in the pick up/drop off zones in front of the building. Not only is it a serious safety issue, but it also slows down drop off and pick up times due to distractibility. We want our lines to move quickly and safely. 

  9. Students may bring cell phones to school, but they are to be turned off during the school day. If students need to call home during the school day, they need to do so in the office. Cell phones that are used during class time will be taken up and will only be returned to the parent. 

Again, our attempts are to provide the students of Oakdale with the best possible academic setting so they can be successful. Thank you for your help and support.

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