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Parking Lot Procedures

New Traffic Flow 2023-2024

Dear Parents,

We need your continued help to keep our students safe during drop off and pick up times. Please follow our safety procedures for the parking lot.

All drop off and pick up lanes have been studied and designed for a reason. If these procedures are not followed, possible safety hazards for students are created. Please understand the following:

  1. We need everyone to drive slowly and carefully through the drop-off and pick-up lanes. These are the two lanes closest to the building. Do not park in areas blocked by cones.
  2. Students and parents need to cross the parking lot in designated crosswalks.  We need adults to model this so the little ones do not get hit by a car.
  3. Please do not block the far north lane that is for parking and drive through only.   School buses and emergency vehicles cannot get around cars that block their paths. This causes frustration for everyone.
  4. Our student safety patrol and teachers need your help as they attempt to keep the safety of students first. We appreciate your courteous, patient and kind behavior, especially if asked not to park in an area.  The area around buses needs to stay clear to prevent accidents.
  5. The handicapped parking spots really are for those who have difficulty walking to the school building from the parking lot.  It may be convenient to use a parking placard when you are not getting out of the car, but this causes difficulties for many of our students.  We have asked all teachers to park on the side of the building or around back and this is inconvenient for many, but we are trying to keep as many parking spots available up front as possible.

Lastly, please refrain from cell phone use in the parking lot during pick up and drop off. This practice limits awareness and leads to delays and safety concerns.

Please see the map on the next page to clarify our procedures. Thank you for helping us put safety over convenience.

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