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An Introduction to Our New Principal

Hello My Oakdale Friends

My Name is Ms. Walbeck and I am going to be your new Principal at Oakdale Elementary.   This link or QR code will connect you to a video message from me, to you. Please respond and say hello, I’m excited to meet you, and if you have any questions send me a message.  Just click on the green button to record, It’s the circle with a plus sign.  Excited to meet you!

Oakdale Elementary School Plan

Oakdale 2020-2021 School Repopulating Plan

V.1 (July1, 2020)

Dear Oakdale Families,

We are excited to start the new year with our Oakdale students! Whether you choose in-person, online, or parent-guided instruction, you are a part of our Oakdale family.

For students who have selected the in-person option, you will see some changes at our school to mitigate risks and promote safety.  Please review our Oakdale reopening plan.

Thank  you,

Principal Walbeck


  •  Oakdale Re-populating Plan will be communicated to stakeholders via email, website and Facebook.


  • All employees will participate in Canyons School District training and safety expectations to mitigate risk.


  • Staff will support transportation department safety protocols and staff to mitigate risk including the use of face coverings, seating charts and other policies as they are developed.
  • Teachers will teach students transportation expectations for face covering, seating charts and other policies as developed.
  • Students will sit as families, as opposed to friends on buses.


  • Students will arrive no earlier than 8:30 am.
  • Adults will wear face coverings.
  • Teachers will teach the routines of lining up, as well as how to physically distance from others around them.
  • Students will wear face covering
  • Lining Up:
    • Students will line up at appropriate grade level areas practicing physical distancing (6 feet), as indicated by ground markers.
  • School entry:
    • Teachers will greet students outside and stagger entry – one class at a time.
    • Students will enter through the grade level door, using “Stay to the Right” flow.
    • Upon entering the classroom students will sanitize hands (using hand sanitizer or hand washing) each time they come into the classroom.

Late Students: Late students will check in at the office and observe marked physical distancing guides. Parents will send a note for check-in rather than accompany a child into the office when tardy.

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