1900 East Creek Road, Sandy, UT 84093

September 8, 2022 – Minutes


September 8, 2022


4:00 PM


Oakdale Elementary Library Room


SCC Meeting Agenda

Members attending: Deidre, Katie, Sasha Despain, Natalie, Amanada, Stephanie, Brett Jewkes, Jessica

School Safety Plan:

  • Secondary location will be the church parking lot, off of Creek Rd.
  • In-school issues- reunification with parents will take place on the East grass
  • Outside community issue- reunification with parents will take place in the office
  • Only parents and emergency contacts listed will be allowed to pick up their students.

Volunteer Procedures:

  • Anyone entering the school and working with students need to go through the screening process
    • Fingerprinted individuals are those who are working with students not in the teachers line of sight
    • Background check only individuals are those working with students in the line of teachers sight

Safe Walking Route:

  • Cross guard across Creek Rd will be there from 8:10-8:45/3:20-3:50 and Fridays 1:40-2
  • Pick up and drop off procedures are the same as last year

Safety Concerns to Submit to district:

  • Keep trees trimmed on Creek Rd
  • Sidewalk needs to be widened by the Kindergarten
  • Create a 4 way stop instead of a 2 way stop on the intersection of Viscounti and Telford


  • Cell tower
    • I-Ready license $4700
    • Principal discretion for student and staff needs $5000
    • PTA for school play $1300
  • Totaling proposed expense $11,000

Next meeting: October 13, 2022










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