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November 3, 2022 – Minutes

Oakdale SCC Meeting Agenda November 3, 2022
4:00 PM in the Media Center

Member Attending: Deidre Walbeck, Stephanie Larson, Natalie Farley, Jessica Beckstead, Katie Robbins, Amanda McDonald, Sasha Despain, Brett Jewkes, Cindy

  • 2021-2022 Overall Performance, Oakdale received a grade A (67%)

  • ELA & Math scores decreased from previous year

  • Science scores increased.

  • Oakdale’s average is higher than district average test scores.

  • Reading on grade level increased (2.7% increase)

  • Students making typical or better progress increased (increase 14%)

  • We need to find ways to help English learners become proficient in their scores, scores are

    below average.

  • 202 students are on track for meeting school goal (which is 0-2.5 days missed) o Findwaystocelebratethesestudents

  • 134 students At Risk (3 to 5.5 days missed)

  • 56 students off track (6 to 11.5 days missed)

  • 11 Severe students (12+ days missed)

  •  Deidre and Gina will develop plans with parents on how to get students to come to school more regularly.

  •  Try and find the underlining issue as to why they aren’t coming to school.

• Can we pass out gift cards etc. to help incentivize the parents to get students there

  • Continue to inform parents through Dash

  • Discuss in January again if Deidre was able to meet with all those parents to see what the underlining issue is.


    Next Meeting: January 2023

Business Items:
State RISE Assessment- Grades 3-5

School Climate:

• 80% of Oakdale students need to be “On Track”, which is less than 10 absent days

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