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February 20, 2020 – Agenda

DATE:Thursday, Feb 20, 2020
TIME:4:00 PM

Oakdale Elementary Faculty Room

February SCC Meeting Agenda

Business Items

I. Meeting Minutes-Review and approve minutes from January & October meetings. Greg sent in email

Data Review

II.  Data Review- Ashley Lennox and Angela Oviatt will be presenting data to help us make decisions for next year’s Land Trust and Teacher Student Success Plans (TSSP). The Canyons School Improvement Plan has been incorporated into TSSP to make things simpler and less confusing. We will be receiving approximately $48,759 in Land Trust Money.  May have some carry-over from this year depending on hours worked by interventionists.  Lori is not clear yet on how much we will be getting for the TSSP.   We need to have made 1% growth.  More info to come on March 12.


III.  Discussion of how we would like to use funds for next year. Suggestions- enrollment is still down and we do not have our allocated FTE yet, but a top priority would be to try and keep three teachers per grade level so continue funding for .5 classroom teacher or maybe even a full-time teacher.  We could also consider seeing if our behavior assistant would like to be full-time. (That would cost approximately 15,000-20,000 for benefits and 15 extra hours. )  Fluerer might not want that.

We are making progress in reading so fund for 3-4 interventionists

There will be an increase in Social Emotional supports.  We do not have that allotment yet, but depending on $$ continue building school climate by funding a .5 counselor (Ms. Ross).  Putting her on half contract if enough funding.  She is hourly this year. We have been allocated .5 counselor by the district, but they have been super busy all the time. Seems to be a need, but the focus will be on classroom lessons and some groups so all students benefit.

We need a plan A and a plan B depending on how we get our FTE.  We will know this at the beginning of March.  If there is extra money, then we may wish to purchase assistants for each classroom or  a new computer Creativity Lab.  We are waiting to see if the district funds this.  It is our main computer lab. 

Other thoughts and ideas?


IV.  Drill for February was a Shelter in Place. Angela can comment on.  It went well and pretty quick.

March Drill will be Hazardous Materials and Evacuation, April Earthquake and May- Infectious Diseases.

Lots of worry about Corona Virus but best defense is to wash hands with warm soap and water, cover mouth and stay home when sick and encourage children to get a lot of sleep.  SL Health department is monitoring and we are not seeing cases of it.  We do have a large disinfecting steamer that Ryan uses on a regular basis on surfaces.

Janae Young has done a great job of organizing emergency supplies for each room.


V.  Lori requested funding from Arts Budget to pay for buses for 2nd and 3rd to go to Union Middle’s play “Once Upon This Island” which is April 22.  It was approved via email.  Union is paying for the 4th and 5th gr buses.    Reminder- Arts fund will be used for 4th and 5th grade to attend Mary Poppins at Hale Theater on May 13.  She was able to apply for and get the tickets for free.


We continue to pay for a .5 teacher out of LandTrust, Mrs. Lloyd- hourly counseling hours from the Teacher Student Success Act funding.  We had some extra funding in TSSA so allocated an additional 8 hours for one of our assistants to help in Supplemental K and Ashley will be checking on allocating extra hours to Reading Interventionists or hiring another one as we have written into LandTrust. 


SCC also approved via email that we would send those teachers who volunteered to attend a Reading Conference on dyslexia with Lori and Ashley in March.  There are 6 people going as of now and their registration was $30 each.  The 5 teachers will get a small stipend of $100 each to cover gas, lunch and some of their time.


Next SCC-  Finalize plans for next year. 

Thursday, March 12

Thursday, April 2  (April 9 is Spring Break)

These are really important meetings to finalize plans and we will need signatures April 2 so plans can be submitted

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