Login to your Skyward Family Access
If you have more than 1 student in Canyons School District Schools, choose All Students

  1. On the left side click the Conferences tab


    • Only one appointment can be scheduled per teacher per student

    • If guardians maintain separate households, they must login separately to schedule individual

      conference times for their student

    • If you have more than one student, the system will allow you to schedule them at the same time

      with two different teachers, however a warning will appear because this will double book you.

  2. Click All Conferences next to the student’s name you wish to schedule a conference for

  3. Click Select a Time

  4. Choose the time you want and click Select next to that time (Status for that time slot must be open or

    select option will not appear)

  5. A window appears showing the appointment information, Click Save

  6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will also receive a reminder e-mail five days before and two

    days before your scheduled appointment.

    **If you need assistance, please call the office #801-826-8950.

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