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Oakdale 2020-2021 School Repopulating Plan

V.1 (July1, 2020)

Dear Oakdale Families,

We are excited to start the new year with our Oakdale students! Whether you choose in-person, online, or parent-guided instruction, you are a part of our Oakdale family.

For students who have selected the in-person option, you will see some changes at our school to mitigate risks and promote safety.  Please review our Oakdale reopening plan.

Thank  you,

Principal Walbeck


  •  Oakdale Re-populating Plan will be communicated to stakeholders via email, website and Facebook.


  • All employees will participate in Canyons School District training and safety expectations to mitigate risk.


  • Staff will support transportation department safety protocols and staff to mitigate risk including the use of face coverings, seating charts and other policies as they are developed.
  • Teachers will teach students transportation expectations for face covering, seating charts and other policies as developed.
  • Students will sit as families, as opposed to friends on buses.


  • Students will arrive no earlier than 8:30 am.
  • Adults will wear face coverings.
  • Teachers will teach the routines of lining up, as well as how to physically distance from others around them.
  • Students will wear face covering
  • Lining Up:
    • Students will line up at appropriate grade level areas practicing physical distancing (6 feet), as indicated by ground markers.
  • School entry:
    • Teachers will greet students outside and stagger entry – one class at a time.
    • Students will enter through the grade level door, using “Stay to the Right” flow.
    • Upon entering the classroom students will sanitize hands (using hand sanitizer or hand washing) each time they come into the classroom.

Late Students: Late students will check in at the office and observe marked physical distancing guides. Parents will send a note for check-in rather than accompany a child into the office when tardy.


  • Teachers will teach expectations and routines for dismissal procedures.
  • Students will wear face coverings upon dismissal of school.
  • Students will line up similar to morning arrival and promote physical distancing.
    • Bussing students will wait in the bus zone waiting area, lining up on designated ground markers.
    • Students waiting for rides will stand on their designated ground markers.
  • School Exit
    • Exiting through grade level external doors, using “Staying to the Right” flow.
    • Staggered Dismissal Time
      • Families need to establish a plan for the end of the day prior to the day beginning. Parents will be required to communicate with school/teacher different dismissal plans.
      • Walkers and Students being picked up will be dismissed before the dismissal of bused students, while observing physical distancing.
        • Students who walk home will be taught to leave campus promptly.
      • Bus and Daycare students will be dismissed to the bus by grade level, staggering exit times by class.
        • Teachers will go outside with bus students.
      • Kindergarten: Siblings will need to go to the Kindergarten area to pick-up siblings. No changes to kindergarten dismissal.

Late student pick ups: After 3:30 PM, students will move to the main hallway next to the office, practicing physical distancing while waiting to be picked up.   


  • Cafeteria staff will teach routines and expectations.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for students when entering for breakfast.
  • Entrance/Exit Identified:
    • Entrance – through North/West cafeteria doors
    • Exit – line up with class, or come to the front door after 8:40 AM.
  • Markers will be placed on the floor and on table benches to establish physical distancing.
  • Students will be seated by family/siblings for Breakfast time only.

Backpacks will stay on backs or under students’ feet.


  • Teachers will teach routines and expectations
  • Faculty, staff and students will wear face coverings (e.g., masks and/or shields) when physical distancing is not possible, or when engaged in contact longer than 15 minutes within 6 feet.
  • Students will sanitize hands (using hand sanitizer or washing) each time they come into the classroom with additional hand sanitizing/washing built into daily schedules, including before lunch.
  • Drinking fountains will be used to fill water bottles or cups, not for individual drinking.
  • Unnecessary furniture will be removed from classrooms with the student desk facing forward and no cluster/grouping where students are facing forward. Physical distancing will be addressed by desks being separated.
  • While sitting on the carpet, students will sit facing forward. Rug time will be less than 15 minutes and students will be spaced as far as possible to promote physical distancing.
  • Students will not mix with other classes, to mitigate any possible contact tracing. Individual supplies will be provided to prevent sharing unless materials can be sanitized after each use.
  • Custodian will schedule sanitation and cleaning of classrooms daily.
  • Only CSD approved cleaning materials will be used by teachers and students for intermittent light cleaning.

All interior doors will be propped open to minimize high touch points. Exterior doors will remain locked per safety incident protocols.


  • Teachers will teach internal flow routines and expectations.
  • Signage: Signage to be installed in all hallways, corridors and intersection indicating walking paths. “Oakdale Highways” prompt all who enter the building to stay to the right of the hall.  (PTA Support)
  • All Adults, students and staff will wear face coverings while traveling through halls and common areas.

Adults and Students will use physically distancing when in hallways and traveling through the school.


  • Teachers will teach routines and expectations when using the restrooms.
  • Custodial services will clean restrooms throughout the day. A sanitation and cleaning rotation schedule will be followed.
  • Students will be taught proper handwashing techniques.

Students will be limited to those in the bathroom, when the bathroom is at capacity students will wait in the hallway on dedicated markings for physical distancing.  


  • Teachers will teach expectations – Arriving and exiting procedures.
  • Physical distancing will be prompted by vinyl dots on floors and tables.
  • Students will sanitize hands (using hand sanitizer or washing) before lunch.
  • Markings will assist students in maintaining physical distancing while entering the cafeteria, obtaining lunch, being seated, and disposing of food. Multiple disposal garbage cans will be available to reduce congestion.
  • One grade level at a time will be served lunch, providing additional space for physical distancing. Seating will be staggered. Students will be encouraged to wear face covering, when not eating.
  • Custodial and cafeteria staff will sanitize tables after each lunch group.


Note: students must remain in the cafeteria for the full 15 minutes to allow for one grade level on the playground at a time.   If students need more time to eat they are welcome to stay in the cafeteria to eat.  

Brain Boosters

  • Students will not mix with other classes, to mitigate any possible contact tracing. Individual supplies will be provided to prevent sharing unless materials can be sanitized after each use.
  • Brain Booster Teachers will follow the same routines and expectations as classroom teachers. Complementary groupings…Music/Art and Playworks, Stem and Media.
  • Booster lessons will be revised to mitigate higher-risk activities (singing, sharing materials, etc.)

Playworks will be held outdoors, weather permitting. Playworks will be held in the classroom during inclement weather.

Tier II Support

  • Tier II support will push into classrooms (30 minutes).
  • Their designated space will be cleaned prior to and after working with students.

Teachers will consider creating skills groups to reduce overlap of classes.


  • Teachers will teach routines and expectations for recess.
  • Classes will stagger time going out to recess to promote physical distancing.
  • Playground will be divided into zones and assigned to individual classes on a rotating schedule to maintain group physical distancing,
  • Students will wear face coverings and sanitize hands (using hand sanitizer or washing) upon exiting and re-entering their classrooms. – update: In accordance with the public health order issued on July 17, 2020 by the Utah Department of Health and in consideration of students’ physical, social and mental wellbeing, students are exempt from wearing a face covering when actively engaging in outdoor recess.

Lunch Recess

  • Students will follow the same expectations and routines as Grade level recess time.
  • Students will leave the cafeteria and stagger time going out to recess to promote physical distancing.

Students will face coverings and sanitize hands (using hand sanitizer or washing) upon reentering their classrooms.

Devices: Computers/Chromebooks/ipads

  • Teachers will teach routines and expectations while using devices.
  • Each student will have a device assigned to them and will be the only user.
  • Each student will clean their device daily under the direction of their teacher.
  • Teachers will wipe down carts at the beginning/end of each day.

Large Gatherings including Assemblies, Back to School, etc.

  • There will be no in person assemblies scheduled at this time. If assembly presenters offer virtual options, we will consider presentations to be accessed in individual classrooms.
  • Back to school will be held virtually with an informational video provided from teachers using google meets, flip grid or other interactive applications.
  • Student recognition CEO assemblies will be held virtually, with announcements being made in individual classrooms.


  • Face coverings are required for all adults and students entering the building.
  • Plexiglass barriers will be installed.
  • Office phones will only be used by office staff. Staff will communicate student messages to parents.
  • Families are encouraged to call ahead when a student needs to leave during the school day to prevent long wait times when parents arrive at the school to pick them up.

Office staff are responsible to place signage on all entry and exit doors identifying flow paths to minimize congestion.

Volunteers and Visitors

  • Adults will be required to wear masks/shields and follow district policy by filling out a CSD Volunteer Application via the district website.
  • We will begin the year without Volunteers. Teachers will schedule volunteers when and if the need outweighs risk.

When volunteers are approved for classes, they will follow district and health department guidelines before moving to the classroom. 

Special Programs: Choir and Orchestra

  • All special programs will be put on hold at this time.

When we resume, special program teachers will follow the same routines and expectations as classroom teachers to mitigate exposure.

Health Room

  • The health room will serve as the quarantine room to temporarily isolate students until parents can pick them up.
  • All medications will be stored in an alternate secure location to ensure they may be administered if the health room is in use to isolate a student.

The east portion of the office will be used as an alternate location for other health/injury needs if the health room is in use for isolation.

Accommodating Individual Circumstances: High Risk

High Risk Identification Process:

  • We will work closely with families and the school/district nurse, special education staff, and/or the school psychologist to review and revise health care/504/IEP plans with special consideration to mitigating risk.
  • All staff interacting with these students will be notified of needs identified in individual plans.

Alternative Learning Arrangements:

  • We will coordinate with ISD and families to support those choosing online learning.

Minimizing and mitigating risk for employees who identify as high-risk:

We will coordinate with Human Resources to support employees identifying as high-risk

Sensory Breaks/CICO

  • Social Emotional Learning staff will follow face covering and physical distancing guidelines when providing support for students.
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