2018 - 19 Brain Booster Schedule

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Oakdale Brain Booster Schedule

This year Canyons School District provided each elementary school with the opportunity to provide enrichment rotations called “Brain Booster” classes.  At Oakdale, first through fourth graders will get weekly rotations of Music, Playworks, STEM, and library.  Kindergarten will have the opportunity to visit the library regularly during their Oral Reading time, and will also get to enjoy weekly time participating in the Playworks Brain Booster.  Click here to see the brain booster schedule. The following is a brief explanation of each Brain Booster:

During Music time Mrs Marie Smith will be using voice and instruments to engage students in singing and playing music while learning about rhythm, notes, and sound.  Don’t be surprised to hear your students humming and singing fun songs at home.  They will be learning a lot of new tunes! 

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Playworks is a positive play-based approach to help students be active in a collaborative and positive way.  Mrs Giovanna Hickcox is our Oakdale Playworks Technician.  During this time with Mrs. Hickcox students will learn games and skills tied to the National P.E. Standards.  They will have opportunities to practice these skills and games during their Brain Booster time and will also have the option to play these games during recess.  During this time students will also learn strategies to help them solve the everyday challenges that might come up when playing with other children.  This time offers the opportunity for students to explore their imaginations, connect with other students and to interact physically, emotionally and socially.  Playworks is a non-profit organization working side by side with schools to promote this vision.


Library Time
Students look forward to attending their weekly Library time where Mrs. Shannon Walsh and Mrs. Tami Carlson read to students and help them check out books.  They also teach our Roadrunners how to navigate the library and assist in the exploration of various genres and stories.  The skills your children learn during this time help them become better readers, and learners in an enjoyable and  imaginative manner!

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Mrs. Tammy Norton opens new worlds to our students through Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math.  This program supports students in learning by engaging students in scientific inquiry with engineering, experimenting, discovery, and trying new things.  The skills and knowledge acquired in each of these disciplines prepare our students for 21st century college and career readiness by engaging them in the scientific method and facilitating collaborative learning.                                                                   

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