Testing FAQ

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CRT- Test results are organized by each school. The results include the Core CRTs. The Core CRTs are administered at the end-of-year/end-of-course. These tests measure how well students have mastered the knowledge, skills and abilities set forth each year in the State of Utah Language Arts, Mathematics and Science core curricula. Student achievement is reported as the percent of students reaching "proficient" by earning a Level 3 or Level 4 performance of the Core CRT.

School results also include the latest accountability reports. The federal accountability report is AYP. The state accountability report is U-PASS.


 CBM-Curriculum Based Measurement – Benchmark testing given three times per year to  monitor growth and progress of students grades 1-6.

 CRT-Criterion Referenced Test-counts toward AYP-measures progress and growth in academics and is grade and subject specific. These tests are given to grades 3-6 during the month of April.

 DWA-Direct Writing Assessment-counts toward UPASS for students in grade 5 in the month of March.

 U-PASS- A state testing criteria called The Utah Performance Assessment System for Students.

 AYP-Federal Testing requirements Fall Under No Child left Behind and require that all schools make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). 

 U-PASS- state level performance is determined and provided in a report called U-PASS.

 IOWA- (Iowa Testing of Basic Skills)A norm referenced test that compares the achievement of Utah students to other students in the United States. (the IOWA is given to grades 3 and 5 in September)

For additional information and details, please visit the Utah State Board of Education Assessment website at:   http://www.schools.utah.gov/assessment/info_ela.aspx